💰WINGSFIT Economic

Fitness Finance is a market economy in which users benefit from the $100 billion fitness industry's value. It is the Web3 equivalent of digital fitness experiences and applications. Web2 enabled people to consume as well as generate fitness content. It transferred the value created by their fitness content to the platform owners.

The GameFi industry is an apt example. Gaming is a roughly $200 billion global industry in which many consume and produce for the profit of a few. Web3 enables everyone to own a piece of the market in which they participate. With the rise of play-to-earn, this became a reality. FinFit and move-to-earn are crucial in introducing the vast fitness industry to individuals in a way that allows them to profit from it.

WINGSFIT is a web3 app platform that allow users to earn token-based while doing regular physical activities, helping to incentivize fitness and improve health by rewarding participants.

WINGSFIT is similar to play-to-earn gamification in that players own and control all of their in-app assets, which they may swap for crypto or fiat money on their own terms.

Digital assets in WINGSFIT apps are created by users for app tokens and WST platform tokens and sold to new/other players on the open market. You can compare WINGSFIT to a shopping mall. Where projects are tenants and WST token holders can be considered as co-owners who profit from business development.

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