Move to Earn


To start with, you need to install the app on your smartphone with GPS and step counting function, go to the in-app marketplace, purchase or rent virtual (NFT) sneakers for your character, and go for a walk or jog. After tapping the «START» button and maintaining your desired pace, the app will automatically earn tokens within your daily energy limit.
WFT tokens are awarded for movement when the account has enough energy. One energy unit is burned for 5 minutes of movement with tokens awarded as default. At the start, after buying or renting one pair of virtual NFT «common» sneakers, you get 2 units of energy. The energy is regenerated every 6 hours by 25%, meaning it is completely regenerated in 24 hours.
If you want to have more energy, you can also buy more NFT sneakers or create rarer sneakers.
Mystery Chest
The Mystery Chest is a loot chest that drops whenever you complete daily quests. Or in a solo move, you'll find a random drop of a mysterious treasure chest. It can be in different places. It contains random NFT, GEM or WFT tokens. Each different level of profile has a different number of daily tasks. Tasks can go to a restaurant or bar, or exercise with friends to check in and share to the WINGSFIT SocialFi network.