WST is a BEP-20 governance token in the WINGSFIT universe. WST holders will be able to claim rewards if they stake their tokens on the platform.

Users of applications on the WINGSFIT platform can receive WST tokens as special rewards.

The purpose of the WST token is to distribute the rewards generated by the growth and development of the WINGSSFIT platform among users, developers, and stackers of the WST token. In the future, to decentralize the ownership and management of WINGSFIT.

WINGSFIT accumulates the platform income into a community treasury, with revenues such as:

  1. 5% of all WINGSFIT trading platform transactions.

  2. Part of WST's expenses in the app.

  3. Other sources of income described in the section will be added in the future

Governance Token: WST (WINGS TOKEN)

WST (BEP-20) Contract address: 0x6E142014aA659ba0036EFaCf33ffCcCBbC9955c9

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